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The Village puts all of its budgets and audits online for public viewing.  However, Rye Brook is looking to go much further by providing to continue its transparency initiatives if residents are interested in learning more about various subjects.  For several years Rye Brook has had a Financial Transparency portal available on our web page where interested residents can review the detailed financial information of the Village of Rye Brook from 2011-2019, see how much each municipal services area costs per property (by entering in your property value) or per capital, view trending charts and graphs, and comparing Village revenues, expenditures & debt to other local municipalities in the region.  The new Project Transparency Page discussed above is another addition to this transparency initiative available through this same ClearGov web portal.

If you would like to submit a FOIL request by mail, fax or in person , submit it to the Village Administrator.  Or if you would like to submit a FOIL request by e-mail please visit the instructions page and email your request to .  If you need further assistance you may contact the Village Administrator’s Office on filing your Freedom of Information request. For more information you may also go to the NYS Freedom of Information Law website.  When an agency receives a request, 89(3)(a) of the Freedom of Information Law states that it has five business days to grant or deny access in whole or in part, or if more time is needed, to acknowledge the receipt of the request in writing and indicate an approximate date by which the agency will respond to the request, usually not more than 20 additional business days. See Explanation of Time Limits for Responding to a Request.

There is a NYS form that needs to be filled out by your physician, and another section to be completed by the person requesting the permit.  The instructions and form is on our web site and can be downloaded. Bring the completed form to the Administration Office who will prepare the permit.  Please note that the permit is issued to the individual, not the vehicle.

These are all items that are the responsibility of the Town of Rye, not the Village of Rye Brook. Please visit The Town of Rye website for more information. The Town of Rye offices are located at 222 Grace Church Street in Port Chester.



The village has a local law regulating peddling and solicitation door-to-door available online.  Permits are required for private businesses and individuals, while most not-for-profits do not need permits but still need to register with the village.  A list of those individuals or agencies with permits or registrations is always updated and is available online.  The Village Board also passed an ordinance creating a Do Not Knock Registry.  Residents can sign up online to prohibit private certain solicitors, vendors and canvassers from approaching homes that have expressly requested to be listed on this registry.  Please note that by signing up to be on the Do Not Knock Registry, you will not have authorized peddlers and solicitors from Private companies visiting your home.    Although Not-for-Profit groups must register with the village, we cannot require Not-for-Profit groups to follow the Do Not Knock Registry.

Yes!  Rye Brook is proud its many green initiatives and has a very active Sustainability Committee.  Please visit the sustainability page to learn more about items such as food scrap recycling, and our legislation banning plastic bags, Styrofoam and discouraging the distribution of plastic straws.  There are many tips and suggestions to encourage residents to help protect the environment.

The Village has several ways of communicating with residents beyond the content on its website, residents can view public meetings, agendas and supporting documents online.

Residents can also sign up to receive emergency notifications, e-mail blasts with general information about upcoming events, or our amazing seniors program. Enter your email down below on the footer to subscribe!

The Village also is very active on social media.  Please check out our social media page for informative and fun updates!

 Rye Brook: Twitter: @ryebrookvillage •Instagram: @villageofryebrook •Flickr: Village of Rye Brook

Mayor: Paul Rosenberg Twitter: @paulrosenberg

Police: Twitter: @rye_brook_pd •  Facebook: Rye Brook Police Department

Highway & Parks: Twitter: @HwyParks • Instagram: @rbhway_parks •Highway Supt. Twitter: @MichalVRBDPW

Recreation: Instagram: @ryebrookrec

Rye Brook Seniors: Instagram: @ryebrookseniors • Facebook: Rye Brook Seniors

Sustainability Committee: Facebook: Rye Brook Sustainability Committee

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