What should I contact the Highway Department about?

It is our responsibility to maintain the “Village maintained” roads and right-of-ways thereof. Routinely you’ll find us mowing right-of-way, clearing stopped up culverts, installing or replacing culverts to solve drainage problems, patching damaged portions of paved roads, replacing missing traffic and road name signs, making repairs to guardrails, removing trash from right-of-ways, removing fallen trees, and preparing roads for repaving. Our jobs are too many to mention them all. If you have a question regarding something you think may be our responsibility, please call us at 914 939 0753. The general public is our “eyes” and “ears”. Please don’t hesitate to call and let us know FAQ Tagsyour concerns. It is quite possible we’ve not received a report for a particular problem and you are the only one who knows that the problem exist.

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