How do I know if a person or business is permitted to solicit door-to-door, and can I stop them from coming to my house?

The village has a local law regulating peddling and solicitation door-to-door available online.  Permits are required for private businesses and individuals, while most not-for-profits do not need permits but still need to register with the village.  A list of those individuals or agencies with permits or registrations is always updated and is available online.  The Village Board also passed an ordinance creating a Do Not Knock Registry.  Residents can sign up online to prohibit private certain solicitors, vendors and canvassers from approaching homes that have expressly requested to be listed on this registry.  Please note that by signing up to be on the Do Not Knock Registry, you will not have authorized peddlers and solicitors from Private companies visiting your home.    Although Not-for-Profit groups must register with the village, we cannot require Not-for-Profit groups to follow the Do Not Knock Registry.

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