Power Outage Update from Mayor Paul Rosenberg

Posted on August 10, 2020

Originally posted August 9, 2020 at 9:00PM

Good evening Rye Brook residents.  I have some updated information for you regarding power outages and the restoration of certain communications services (phone/internet/TV).  As of 8PM this evening:

  • In the Village of Rye Brook, there are now 69 Con Ed customers currently without power.  This is down from a high of 691 homes just a few days ago.
  • The remaining 69 homes without power are generally single homes where the “service line” connecting the home to the street has been brought down by trees. There are also a few pockets of 2 or 3 homes in a row without power.
  • We are told that we will have a dedicated Con Ed crew tomorrow who will first restore power to Cerebral Palsy of Westchester on King Street & Lincoln Avenue.  After that, they will be working on the smaller outages.
  • All roads which were blocked by fallen trees and wires have now been cleared.

I have received many emails and messages from residents regarding the restoration of Optimum (Cablevision) internet/phone/TV services.  I will be on a conference call tomorrow morning with the management from Optimum, and obviously we will express our displeasure with the pace of their restoration and ask them to give us their restoration timeline.

With respect to Optimum and the service that they provide, I also want to convey to you that unlike Con Ed, Optimum is not a utility or a monopoly.  They are a private company who needs to compete for your business.  If you are not happy with the level of service that they provide, most residents can always switch to Verizon Fios, who has not had the same kind of outages in any of the storms in recent memory.  I am not advocating one service over another, just pointing out the fact that you have a choice here.

Starting tomorrow, Rye Brook Public Works staff will start to make one pass through the Village to help clear branches and small limbs, less than 4 inches in diameter, from the curb. Please leave this storm debris on your lawn by the curb.  Please do not place them in the street.  Please also note:

  • NO STUMPS, LOGS OR LARGE LIMBS will be collected.
  • IMPORTANT – This service is intended for the type of loose branches and small limbs that fell on the property and do not require a tree contractor for removal.  If a larger limb or tree is being removed by a contractor, please have your contractor remove the material off your property and do not place it at the curb as it will not be collected by the Village.

Finally, for those of you still without power, I really sympathize with you and am doing everything I can to have Con Ed restore the power to all your homes.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Paul Rosenberg

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