Message from Mayor Paul Rosenberg – Post Storm Restoration

Posted on August 6, 2020

Originally posted August 5, 2020 at 7:22PM

Good evening Rye Brook Residents.  Let me start off by saying that for those of you without power, I understand how difficult this period is, and I promise you that we are doing EVERYTHING that we can to get Con Ed to restore power as quickly as possible.  As of 6PM this evening, here is the latest information:

  • There are still 691 homes in Rye Brook without power.
  • Con Ed is still in the process of working with our highway department to clear downed wires from trees and blocked streets.  Con Ed did not show up to start this process last night as they had promised, but has been on site all day today and will be here this evening working with our Public Works crews to open as many blocked roadways as possible.
  • There was a small electrical fire this morning at the BMP Ridge Street School this morning that was not related to the storm.  One of Port Chester’s firefighters is in the hospital recovering from smoke inhalation, and we wish him a speedy recovery.
  • At this point, although they had indicated that there would be a “worst case” restoration time published by Con Ed, we are still waiting for that information.
  • My own opinion is that we will not see a large part of the Village restored before Friday, and possibly over the weekend.  This estimate is based on witnessing Con Ed’s performance firsthand during other storm events.  I know that this is really bad news, but I am giving it to you as straight as I can.
  • Many of you have asked about the removal by the Village of tree debris.  Here is information on that process:
  • Rye Brook Public works crews will help clear branches and small limbs from the curb.
  • Starting Monday, August 10th our Public Works crews will make one pass through the Village.
  • The list of streets they have completed, and the dates they completed them, will be listed on the Village web site (
  • This service is meant for branches and small limbs and must be no larger than 4 inches in diameter.
  • If residents can cut the branches and small limbs so that they are shorter than 8 feet, it would be greatly appreciated and would make collection much more efficient.
  • Please place the branches and small limbs on the grass near the curb.  Please do not place them in the street.
  • NO STUMPS, LOGS OR LARGE LIMBS will be collected.  This service is intended for the type of loose branches and small limbs that fell on the property and do not require a tree contractor for removal.  If a larger limb or tree is being removed by a contractor, please have your contractor remove the material off your property and do not place it at the curb as it will not be collected by the Village.
  • Please do not mix normal green waste (especially grass) in these piles as they are collected by a separate contractor on green waste days.

Finally, we realize that without power, the temperature really is difficult to deal with.  We will be opening our Cooling/Charging center at the AJP Community Center located at 32 Garibaldi Place starting tomorrow from 1PM to 4PM daily.

  • Residents can go to the center to cool off and to charge their phones/laptops/computers.
  • Please note that Wi-Fi is currently not working at the center, and due to concerns with COVID, all visitors must wear a mask.

I will provide more information as I receive it.  I wish you all a pleasant evening.

Thank you.
Paul Rosenberg

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