Message from Mayor Paul Rosenberg

Posted on March 15, 2020

Dear Rye Brook Residents:
As I have discussed in prior messages, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a situation that is evolving and requires revaluation on a daily (or sometimes hourly) basis. As of today, there are 196 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Westchester.
Out of an abundance of caution, the Village has decided to take the following additional actions since my email this past Friday:
Senior Center Operations:
Senior center operations at the AJP Community Center, which was operating on a very limited basis, will be closed to the public effective immediately until further notice.
Board Meetings:
  • Only the Village Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Architectural Review Boards will continue to hold meetings. We are investigating holding meetings via videoconference, which will allow board members to participate from home. The public will be able to view “live” any public meetings regardless of the meeting method used.
  • Certain agenda items will be deferred if they are not time sensitive.
  • All other advisory boards will cancel meetings for at least the next two (2) months.
  • Budget work sessions will still be held on March 26th and 30th but it is still to be determined if those workshops will be via videoconference or with attendees observing social distancing.
  • All basketball courts will be closed in order to observe and encourage social distancing.
The Village has observed a significant increase in the use of Village parks. Residents must follow the guidelines for social distancing and maintain 6 feet between individuals. The Village is cleaning playground seating, plastics, gate handles, but parents are urged to discuss and decide whether their children should go to the parks and are able to follow social distancing guidelines. If not, they should consider restricting them from going to the parks or parents should be present at the park to actively monitor them. If this cannot be maintained on a voluntary basis, the Village may have to consider closing all parks.
The Village is actively participating in conference calls on an almost daily basis with elected representatives from all levels of NY government. These are difficult times that require extraordinary actions. The Village is trying to balance the need to be extremely cautious without being overly alarming. We can get through this pandemic as a community by working together, watching out for our neighbors, not taking unnecessary risks, and taking every reasonable precaution.
As a reminder, the NYS Department of Health hotline is (888) 364-3065 where Department of Health experts will be available to answer your questions regarding Coronavirus.
Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time!
Paul Rosenberg
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