Emergency Medical Services


Analysis Phase

EMS Resources:

  2. 06.01.2023 Revised EMS Legislation
  3. EMS In Crisis Handout 05.31.2023
  4. NYSCMA EMS In Crisis 05.31.2023
  5. 2023 EMS in Crisis WMOA Mtg PowerPoint Slides (02/09/2023)
  6. 2023 EMS Legislation Summary
  7. 2023 EMS Legislation S4040 A3392
  8. 2023 Draft Resolution In Support Of Bill S4020 A3392
  9. 2023 NYS Governor Executive Budget item on EMS
  10. 2022 NYCOM EMS PowerPoint “EMS in Crisis"
  11. State Legislation: defining EMS as essential, allowing access to benefits; developing state/regional plans (S8432A/A9509) (2022).
  12. 2022 State Legislation: creating a dedicated funding source for EMS (S08189B/A09164A) (2022)
  13. Cornell Institute for Public Affairs draft report on Tompkins County EMS
  14. Westchester County EMS in Crisis Report (Feb 2022)
  15. RB Administrator Paper: “The Current EMS Crisis and Need for Conversation & Change” (Aug 2021)
  16. Municipal Administrators Association’s “Model Work Plan” Table (Dec 2021)
  17. NAEMT Position Statement: Recognition of EMS as an Essential Service (Rev. Mar 2021)
  18. USDOT/National Highway Traffic Safety Admin article “An Analysis of Prehospital Emergency Medical Services as an Essential Service and as a Public Good in Economic Theory”.  (May 2014)

Helpful Links

EMS Organizational Model Study 

The Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook Emergency Medical Services (PCRRBEMS), the Villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook, and the City of Rye jointly selected a consultant to complete an EMS Organizational Model Study.  The Study was completed in June 2022 by the Public Consulting Group.

Link to Final Study:

EMS Organizational Model Study (June 2022)

Also, below please find links to the Request for Proposals (RFP)/Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for this Study, as well as links to important background documents related to EMS services provided by the PCRRBEMS:

2021 Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for EMS Organizational Model Study:


2021 RFP Background Documents:

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