Thank you for using our on-line document retrieval system called docsRB. This system will allow you to access historic Rye Brook property files and land use records which have been placed into our electronic data base. Please note that this electronic data base may not contain all information for a particular property such as active contruction permits and associated inspection reports, pending applications, open code violations, etc. If you cannot locate the documents on docsRB, you are welcome to request property records through the F.O.I.L. Request process.

Please note that this system is still being installed, and we would welcome any comments you may have by contacting the Building Department.

Searching Tips:

1. Less is More. When searching, it is better to enter the least amount of information in the street name for a more successful search. For example, if you are searching for "65 Main Street", simply enter "65" in the street number and "Main" in the street name.

2. Perform two searches for a single property. Search first by street address, and then by the Parcel I.D. number, aka, Section - Block & Lot (SBL).

Please Note: Only a limited number of users can view information at a time. If you cannot successfully view what you are looking for you will have to try again later. If you are able to view what you are looking for you can download the information, back out and view what you downloaded. This enables more users to access the information.

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