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Residential Sanitation and Recycling Schedules

To obtain your schedule, type your address below. If you already know your route, you can click on the corresponding image to find your garbage and recycling pick up days.

Para obtener su horario, escriba su dirección a continuación. Si ya conoce su ruta, puede hacer clic en la imagen correspondiente para encontrar los días de recolección de basura y reciclaje.

Residential Santitation and Recycling Schedule

To obtain your schedule scroll down the table below and click on your street or Click on the first letter of your street.

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Garbage Days Recycle Day Street Route
T,F TH Acker Drive 2
T,F F Alfred Court 2
T,F F Anderson Hill 2
M,W F Arbor Drive 3
M,TH W Argyle Road 1
T,F TH Arlington Place 2
T,F F Arrowwood Circle 2
M,TH W Barber Place 1
M,W F Bayberry 3
T,F W Beacon Lane 2
M,TH W Beechwood Boulevard 1
T,F W Bell Place 2
T,F F Bellefair Boulevard 2
T,F F Bellefair Road 2
T,F TH Berkley Drive 2
T,F TH Berkley Lane 2
T,F TH Betsy Brown Road 2
T,F TH Birch Lane 2
M,TH W Bishop Drive North and South 1
T,F TH Bluebird Hollow 2
T,F TH Bobbie Lane 2
M,TH W Bolton Place 1
T,F TH Bonwit Road 2
M,TH W Bowman Avenue 1
M,TH F Boxwood Place 1
T,F W Brook Lane 2
T,F W Brookridge Court 2
T,F TH Brookside Way 2
M,W F Brush Hollow 3
T,F TH Candy Lane 2
T,F TH Canterbury Lane 2
T,F TH Carlton Lane 2
T,F F Carol Court 2
M,TH W Castle Landing 1
M,TH W Castleview Court 1
T,F TH Charles Lane 2
T,F TH Churchill Road 2
M,TH W College Avenue 1
M,TH W Comly Avenue 1
T,F TH Concord Place 2
M,TH F Country Ridge 1
M,TH W Cresent Place 1
T,F TH Crossway 2
T,F F David Lane 2
T,F W Deer Run 2
M,TH W Division Street 1
M,TH W Dixon Street 1
T,F F Doral Greens Drive 2
M,TH F Dorchester Drive 1
T,F TH Eagles Bluff 2
M,TH W Edgewood Drive 1
M,TH W Ellendale Avenue 1
T,F TH Elm Hill Drive 2
M,TH F Fairlawn Parkway 1
T,F F Fellowship Lane 2
M,TH W Franklin Street 1
T,F F Gardenia Lane 2
M,TH W Garibaldi Place 1
M,TH W Grant Street 1
T,F TH Greenhouse Circle 2
M,W F Greenway 3
M,TH W Hawthorne Avenue 1
T,F F Heirloom Lane 2
T,F F Heritage Court 2
T,F W Hidden Pond Drive 2
T,F F High Point Circle 2
M,TH W Highview Avenue 1
M,TH W Hillandale Road 1
M,TH W Hillcrest Avenue 1
T,F TH Hills Point Lane 2
M,TH F Holly Lane 1
T,F F Honeysuckle Lane 1
T,F TH Horseshoe Lane 2
T,F TH Hunter Drive 2
M,TH W Irenhyl Avenue 1
M,W F Ivy Hill 3
T,F TH Jacqueline Lane 2
M,TH TH James Way 1
T,F F Jasmine Lane 2
T,F W Jean Lane 2
T,F W Jennifer Lane 2
M,TH W King St. (#745 to #952) 1
M,TH F King St. (#972 to #1004) 1
T,F TH Knollwood Drive 2
T,F TH Latonia Road 2
T,F F Lavender Lane 2
M,TH F Lawridge Drive 1
T,F W Lee Lane 2
T,F F Legendary Circle 2
T,F W Lincoln Ave (#1 to #31) 2
T,F TH Lincoln Ave (#32 to #109) 2
M,TH W Little Kings Lane 1
M,TH W Loch Lane 1
T,F W Longledge Drive 2
T,F W Louis Court 2
M,TH W Lyon Street 1
M,TH W Magnolia Drive 1
T,F W Maple Court 2
M,TH W Maplewood Lane 1
T,F TH Mark Drive 2
M,TH W Maywood Avenue 1
T,F TH Meadowlark Road 2
T,F F Meeting House Lane 2
T,F F Milestone Road 2
T,F F Millennium Place 2
T,F TH Mohegan Lane 2
M,TH W Monroe Place 1
T,F F Mulberry Court 2
M,TH W Neuton Avenue 1
M,TH TH N. Ridge (#175 to #298) 1
M,TH F N. Ridge (#375 to #492) 1
M,TH W N. Ridge (#16 to #159) 1
T,F TH Old Oak Road 2
T,F TH Old Orchard Road 2
T,F TH Oriole Place 2
M,TH W Osborne Place 1
T,F TH Paddock Road 2
T,F F Parade Lane 2
T,F W Parkridge Court 2
M,TH F Parkwood Place 1
T,F W Phyllis Place 2
T,F TH Pine Ridge Road 2
T,F F Pine Tree Drive 2
T,F F Primrose Lane 2
T,F TH Red Roof Drive 2
T,F F Reunion Road 2
M,TH W Ridge Boulevard 1
T,F TH Ridge Road 2
M,TH W Roanoke Avenue 1
T,F TH Robins Roost 2
M,TH F Rockinghorse Trail 1
T,F TH Rockridge Drive 2
T,F F Rose Lane 2
M,TH F Sleepy Hollow Road 1
M,TH W South Ridge Street 1
M,TH W Stone Falls Court 1
T,F W Sunset Road 2
T,F TH Sylvan Road 2
T,F TH Talcott Road 2
M,TH W Tamarack Road 1
T,F W Terrace Court 2
M,TH W The Pointe 2
M,W F Tree Top 3
M,TH W Valley Terrace 1
T,F F Vintage Court 2
M,TH W West William Street 1
T,F TH West Ridge Drive 2
M,TH W West Street 1
T,F W Westchester Ave (#705 to #725) 2
M,TH W Westchester Ave (#509 to #568) 1
T,F TH Westerleigh Court 2
M,TH W Westview Avenue 1
M,TH F Whippoorwill Road 1
M,TH W Whittemore Place 1
T,F W Wilton Circle 2
T,F W Wilton Road 2
T,F TH Winding Wood North and South 2
M,TH W Windsor Road 1
T,F TH Winthrop Drive 2
M,TH W Woodland Avenue 1
M,TH W Woodland Drive 1
M,TH W Wyman Street North 1
M,TH W Wyman Street 1
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