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Rye Brook Police Department was formed when the unincorporated area of the Town of Rye known as Rye Brook became a village on July 7th, 1982. The Police Officers that made up the Town of Rye Police Department were transferred to the newly formed Village of Rye Brook Police Department ON June 1st, 1983.

The Original Members of the Rye Brook Police Department:

Chief F. Gendalia                              Patrolman F. Giorno       Patrolman J. Mitchell

Sergeant J. Beltramello                 Patrolman J. Ciccone      Patrolman E. Matthews

Sergeant R. Santoro                        Patrolman F. Maturro

Sergeant T. Sabato Sr.                    Patrolman R. Spizzirri

Sergeant R. Barr                               Patrolman W. Esainko

Detective J. Carlucci                        Patrolman P. Ramundo

Detective R. Briganti                       Patrolman J. King

Patrolman D. Mecca                       Patrolman J. HEIl

Patrolman W. Youngs                     Patrolman M. Bottali

Village of Rye Brook Police Department Mission Statement

The Mission of the Village of Rye Brook Police Department including the duties and responsibilities of all of its members is as follows:

  1. To treat everyone with respect and maintain community trust;
  2. To protect life and property;
  3. To prevent crime;
  4. To detect and arrest offenders;
  5. To preserve the public peace; and
  6. To enforce all laws and ordinances over which the Police Department has jurisdiction.


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