Coyote Incident Report Form

  • OBSERVATION: The act of noticing signs of a coyote(s), such as tracks, scat, or vocalizations, but without visual observation of the coyote(s). SIGHTING: A visual observation of a coyote(s). A sighting may occur at any time of the day or night. ENCOUNTER: A direct meeting that is between human and coyote(s) with no physical contact and that is without incident. INCIDENT: A conflict between a human and a coyote where the coyote exhibits any of the following behaviors: growling, baring teeth, lunging or making physical contact with person. A human is not bitten. HUMAN ATTACK: A human is bitten by a coyote(s). Provoked: An attack where the involved human encourages the coyote to engage. Examples include a human hand-feeding a coyote, approaching a coyote with pups or intervening in a coyote attack on a pet. Unprovoked: An attack where the involved human does not encourage the coyote to engage. PET ATTACK: Coyote(s) kills or injures a domestic pet. Attended: Pet is on a leash less than six feet in length or is in the presence of a person less than six feet away. Unattended: Pet is free-roaming, walking off-leash more than six feet from a person, or on a leash longer than six feet.
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