Coronavirus Update from Mayor Rosenberg

Posted on April 5, 2020

As we enter week four of the Coronavirus Pandemic here in NY, I am encouraged and thankful by what I’ve been seeing while driving around the Village. For the most part, I see everyone making an active attempt to keep themselves at least six feet from each other. The Village really appreciates your efforts to distance yourselves.

As of today, we have 62 confirmed cases in Rye Brook. But this is not a time to let our guard down. When looking at some of our neighboring municipalities, we are surrounded by cities/towns/villages with a higher number of confirmed cases, such as 240 in Port Chester, nearly 100 in Harrison, and 339 in White Plains. The City of Rye is doing well, with only 55 confirmed cases. Since these are the number of confirmed cases, the actual number is certainly much higher, with people who might be feeling great, yet may not realize that they could be carrying and spreading the virus. This is especially true of young people.

Once again, I ask that you keep your children from having play dates and separated from their friends when out on bike rides. Also please realize that while its important for our kids to be able to get outside for some fun, we want to ensure that they stay out of the urgent care centers and emergency room, as these facilities are completely overwhelmed with Coronavirus cases.

Again, thank you for acting on our messages to distance yourselves. I keep hearing from Governor Cuomo that the next few weeks will be the toughest yet. Let’s try to keep up the good work here in Rye Brook and try to flatten the curve.

I know that the upcoming religious holidays will not be the same this year, with many of us separated from our families due to social distancing. But I hope everyone does have an enjoyable Easter and Passover. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at and be sure to follow me on Twitter @paulrosenberg .

Thank you.

Paul S. Rosenberg
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