Coronavirus Update from Mayor Paul Rosenberg

Posted on March 21, 2020

Dear Rye Brook Residents:

Here are the latest Coronavirus stats for Rye Brook and Westchester County:

  •  Since testing began in Westchester, there have been approximately 7,176 people tested, with 1,091 testing positive (an increase of 293 since yesterday).
  • 39 people have required hospitalization in Westchester.
  • There are approximately 6 cases in Rye Brook.  I say approximately because I know of a few cases where the people have Coronavirus symptoms but haven’t been tested yet.
  • In all of the Rye Brook cases, each person is recovering at home.
As I mentioned in a prior email, we have been informed that there is a delay in the time that official stats are reported to the local municipalities, so I expect the figures to be higher than reported.

The Village of Rye Brook has taken the following actions:

  1. Village parks remain open, but Village playgrounds in both Pine Ridge and Garibaldi Parks are closed effective immediately.  Also, the Town of Rye (in a joint action with the Village) is also closing the playground at Crawford Park.  The rest of the park remains open.  Again, we urge residents (especially children and teens) to practice social distancing!
  2. Village Hall will be closed to the public except by appointment.
  3. The Village’s non-essential staff are working from home and essential staff are taking additional precautions and following social distancing and split-shift protocols as much as possible.
  4. Building Department activities will be limited to issuing permits (as appropriate), performing exterior inspections, and performing interior inspections only where there is no permanent occupancy in the building or home.
  5. The Senior Center, Recreation Office, Administration and Treasurer’s Office are all closed to the public.  The public can reach representatives from these offices using the following contacts:
  1. Meetings with staff are encouraged to be held through teleconference or conference call whenever possible.
  2. Additional actions are being taken to deliver meals to the Rye Brook Seniors and to remain in contact with them on a regular basis.
  3. The only Rye Brook boards that are continuing to meet are the Village Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Architectural Review Board.  These meetings will all be held through videoconference and will be viewable by the public through the Village web site at .

How Can I Support Local Rye Brook Businesses?
This is a difficult time for our local businesses that depend upon the support of the local community.  You may want to consider ordering take-out from local restaurants, or perhaps consider purchasing a gift certificate or gift card.  Below is a list of restaurants either in Rye Brook or owned by Rye Brook residents.  Please continue to support these businesses!!

My apologies for any establishments that I miss on the list below:

Rye Brook Restaurants where you can order take-out food as well as purchase gift cards/certificates:

BelleFair Market – 20 BelleFair Boulevard (in store)
Buddha Asian Bistro – 1 Rye Ridge Plaza (in store)
Cava Mezze Grill – 3 Rye Ridge Plaza (in store or online)
Organic Pharmer – 15C Rye Ridge Plaza (in store)
Chipotle Mexican Grill – 100 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Red Mango – 104 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Dig Inn – 112 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Chop’t – 116 South Ridge Street (in store)
Starbucks – 118 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Rye Ridge Deli – 126 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Fortina – 136 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Lenny’s Bagels – 172 South Ridge Street (in store)
Elevation Burger – 176 South Ridge Street (in store)
Villa Rustica – 261 South Ridge Street (in store)
Dunkin Donuts – 267 South Ridge Street (in store and online)
Balducci’s Market – 144 South Ridge (in store and online)

Nearby Restaurants owned by Rye Brook Residents:
Kneaded Bread – 181 N Main St., Port Chester (in store)
Al Dente – 7 Elm Place, Rye City (in store)

Remember: even if you have no symptoms, you can still spread Coronavirus. Be a good neighbor and take precautions even if you are young and healthy. Those around you may be at greater risk.

We continue to work closely with county and state health authorities to monitor the extent of the outbreak. If you need to go to a doctor or emergency room, please call ahead and tell them about your symptoms.

The New York State Department of Health hotline is 888-364-3065 where Department of Health experts will be available to answer your questions regarding Coronavirus.

Thank you!

Paul Rosenberg

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